Referral commissions


  1. Why choose our referral program ? 

  2. It is a program that include the accrual and payment of partnership rewards to users whose invited partners have created investments in the company's investment program.

  3. How much earning by referral program ? 

  4. For any deposit made by your personally invited partner, you will receive up to 25% of the nominal value of this deposit. level 1 - 10%, level 2 - 5%, level 3 - 5%, level 4 -5%.

  5. What is the referral system process ? 

  6. A deposit must be created using your affiliate link. Partnership remuneration payments are similar to the payment of accruals on investments created. At the moment, the amount of partner remuneration does not depend on the amount of your own investments in our investment program.  level 2 to level 4 referral income equal amount we deduct from the account balance. 10% only get extra money, other all type referral payouts, we calculate invetment based profit payouts. payout sending time not available referral income equal balance in your account, this amount we will send direct sponsor, this sended amount we will deduct the sponsor account.

  7. Referral system withdrwal process timing ? 

  8. You will receive a partner reward as soon as your partner creates an investment.

  9. No invesetment in our referral program ?

  10. You will receive a partner reward as soon as your partner creates an investment.. level 2 to 4 type referral income eligible activated account holder's only.

Referral Commission System

Min Referral - Max Referral Percentage
Referral Level -1
1-1000 10%
Referral Level -2
1001-5000 5%
Referral Level -3
5001-10000 5%
Referral Level -4
10001-10000000 5%